Winfree Family Talk

Winfree Family Talk“God’s Will”

I have been studying the biblical writings of the prophet Ezekiel lately. one thing comes through very clearly. The sovereignty of God. God is behind everything that is happening in Ezekiel. EVERYTHING. The phrase sovereign Lord is in every chapter. God is doing everything He is doing so that everyone will know that He is the “sovereign Lord.”
Now I have always (in my cynicism I guess) had a little problem when we pray for something and then say, “If it is Your will.” I’ve always felt like that was giving us a way out if God didn’t answer our prayers the way we prayed them. However after studying Ezekiel and God’s sovereignty I have caught myself praying lately for “God’s will.”
You see, I am now convinced that God’s purpose is to glorify Himself and His name. It really has nothing to do with me. It really doesn’t even matter if He answers my prayers. It doesn’t matter if I am healthy and wealthy. What matters is; is God being glorified. If my suffering can bring Him glory then guess what…… I’ll suffer. He is glorifying Himself.
Now, in light of His sovereignty and His purpose of glorifying Himself I find myself praying fervently for His will to be done. I every situation. I have a mission adventure that I have been praying hard for lately. I have been praying that God would use me, work out plans, show us the “man of peace”, or open my eyes to see His working. Now however, I find my self simply praying that His will be done in this trip. I just want Him to glorify Himself. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter if He uses me or not. It’s about Him. His will. His ways. His purposes. Wow! You would think I would have figured that out before now. BK.

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