MATTHEW 4:18-22

Are we guilty of trying to “christianize” our lives. When we commit to Christ do we simply try to bring Him into the lives that we are already living? If we are is that OK? I mean could Peter, Andrew, John and James have said, “Hey we believe in Jesus. We will pray. We will tell everyone we know about you. We will come to hear you preach. We will bring our families. We will live holy lives in our community. We will do the things that you want us to do while we live our lives that we are already living.” Or, was it necessary for them to leave their nets, boats, and father and actually follow Jesus? What are the implications for us? Have we bought into this idea of just christianizing a good life when what Christ really wants is for us to crucify our old lives? Have we “invented” the idea of some being “called” not to explain their behavior, but in order to excuse our attempts to continue to hang on to our own lives. Are we guilty of trying to live in 2 kingdoms? His and ours? Is it wrong? Hmmmm. I’m just thinking out loud. Can we turn the world “upside down” by christianizing our lives? Can we truly be disciples that way? I think I’d better stop now. BK<

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