What would have been different about your life yesterday if there were no heaven? Seriously, if there were no eternal life what would you have done differently yesterday? How would you have lived differently? Would you have still gone to work? Still taken the kids to baseball practice? Gone to the game? Watched “American Idol”? Would your life have been pretty much the same? For many there would have been little or no difference in their lives yesterday whether or not there is eternal life. That’s tragic! You see we have accepted this temporary world as though it is permanent. We are building our world. Our kingdom and not God’s eternal kingdom. That’s why our lives are no different from the non-Christians all around us. Listen, let’s never forget that we are in the middle of a story. A story yet to be completed until we get to eternity. This is not home. This is not where we have citizenship. Let’s not get comfortable here. This is all temporary. Let’s live in and for The Kingdom of God Now!! BK<

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