A Real Man

Last week I met a man who lives in the mountains of Montana. I mean he lives way up in the mountains. He has no electricity. His water is gravity fed from springs in the mountains. While at his place sitting around a campfire we saw a bear, elk, deer and all kinds of other wildlife. He reminded me of my boyhood dream. You see, I wanted be Jeremiah Johnson. You remember the movie don’t you? I remember sharing that secret in a sermon one time and I bet over half the people responded to me on the way out about a similar dream for themselves. I think I still have this same sort of dream inside of me. You know what one of my favorite T.V. shows is? Deadliest Catch. Have you seen it? It’s a reality show about those men who fish and crab in the Bering Sea. They can make huge sums of money in a short time. They can also lose their lives at any moment. While I’m heading that way, I’ll go ahead and confess. I also like to watch UFC. That’s right, it’s the Ultimate fighting Championships. That’s where those guys get into a ring and they fight! I mean they fight. They punch, kick, elbow, or slam the other guy down, they do whatever it takes. They fight. I like it. You know, I know a lot of men who are just like me. things like this capture their attention. It does something inside of us. Let me ask you something. Have we in Christianity stripped men of their masculinity? Maybe not on purpose but accidentally? I’ve struggled with this lately. I have a son who is neither athletic nor the outdoors type. So what is left for the masculine side of him? How do I teach him to be a man? What about me? When I don’t have time to fish and I’m now too fat to play ball, how do I express my masculinity. I long to be risking it. To show courage. To exhibit some kind of strength. To show my manhood. Do we just go get drunk and fight? Chase women? What’s left? The last few years God has been leading my life in new directions. They are exciting and real. I’m loving it. Actually, without realizing it I’m beginning to feel more like a man. I feel alive when I’m in the home of a drug addict sharing about Christ and watching the Spirit of God do His work. There is something thrilling about taking christian literature through the customs agency in a “closed” country. I have never felt more manly than when giving out a Bible in a park of a country that hates Christianity. When I think of the Apostles, they were men. Living manly. Risking it for the gospel. Maybe that’s our problem. When we truly lay down our lives for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will go places that are dangerous. We will experience things that get the adrenaline flowing. We may be threatened, jailed, kicked out of a country, tortured or possibly even executed for Christ. Now that will take a man. That will take a real man. I guess that is how I need to express my masculinity. That is what I need to teach my son……to lay it on the line for the gospel! Or you can just watch T.V. BK<

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1 Response to A Real Man

  1. Brad says:

    Excellent point brother Keith. I think it’s great to enjoy the outdoors, sports, and dangerous adrenaline pumping things. It’s even greater to see a man that gets such an adrenaline rush on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ! We as Christian men need to ponder the thoughts you have written here and search our own souls to see how we can live our lives in such a manner that we get the same adrenaline rush.

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