My son and I were in the El Paso area a few weeks ago doing some mission work in some Mexican “border towns.” Anyhow, we found the local classic rock radio station since we love the music from the 60’s & 70’s. Every morning they had these guys on the air that took some time to try to be funny. For the most part they were humorous and made us laugh on trip into Mexico. One morning something was said that made me start thinking about some things. The guy was telling about a weekend event (whether true or not who knows) where he was being recognized as the godfather of a child. He was talking about the whole religious experience and basically making fun of it. He said that at one point he was asked, “Have you ever accept Jesus as your Savior?” His response was, “You know, I remember one time in High School. We went through a period there where it was like cool to say that Jesus was your best friend.” He went on to wonder out loud, “But I wonder how many of those people Jesus would put on His top ten on My Space.” Hmmmm. Really made me think. You see, it is one thing for us to call Jesus our friend, but would He call us His friend? Jesus Himself said in Matthew 7 that not everyone who calls Him Lord is going to enter the kingdom of heaven. In other words they may call Him Lord but He does not consider Himself their Lord. Wow! It really made me begin to think about the characteristics of friends and how that may apply to our spiritual lives and what Jesus said about it because it seems as though I remembered that Jesus called His disciples “friends.”
First a friend is true to the end no matter what. In John 15:13 Jesus says that the greatest love a man can have is that he lay down His life for His friends. Man, would you lay down your life for Jesus. No I mean really! Would you die for the gospel today? Let me clue you in, Christians still die! Wait, “will I die for the gospel?” Better yet, will I live for it no matter the cost? Will I follow Jesus no matter what it may cost me? Friends? Success? Money? Car? Home? Big Salary? Girlfriend / boyfriend? I had a period in my life where things went out of control and it came apart. One friend stuck with me. One. And he was a guy I had basically turned my back on for a period. But he was there. When no one else was. There was also a time where I heard that he stood up for me in my absence among a whole group of people who were laughing at me. That is a friend. Will we stand for Jesus? At any cost? Even at the expense of our lives?
In the next verse Jesus says that we are His friends if we do what He says. That really doesn’t need much explanation does it? So, based on your obedience to Him you can pretty much determine whether or not Jesus would call you His friend. Ouch!
Next Jesus says that the difference between a friend and a servant is that a servant doesn’t have any idea what the master is doing. But Jesus has spoken to His friends. I think this really stresses the relational aspect. What is Jesus doing in and around You? According to John 15:15 you should know if you are Jesus’ friend. In Exodus 33:11 it says that God spoke to Moses face to face like a man speaks to his friend. Do you hear from God? Again, Jesus says that everything He hears from the Father He makes known to His friends. Bottom line. No relationship. No friendship. You can determine whether or not Jesus calls you His friend. That is way more important than whether or not I call Him my friend.
So, are you on His top ten? Just something to think about, friend.

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