Missing a Flight / Hearing From God

The other day while traveling in China I missed my connecting flight in Beijing. So I had to wait on a later flight. I spent several hours in the airport just people watching. It was great. I saw all kinds of people. I saw people who were loud and obnoxious. I also saw those who were quiet and very unassuming. Some people you could tell were very confident while others carried themselves with less self confidence. Some were elegant while others were a little rough and everywhere in between. Most people were polite and kind while there were just a few who seemed sour. I watched mothers taking care of their children. It was just like any mom in the U.S. I watched as passersby stopped to play with little babies. Did you know the Chinese make the same kind of sounds when playing with babies as we do? God was beginning to show me how alike we all are. Later in my trip I met with some Christians. They shared some of their spiritual struggles. Did you know they have the same struggles that all of us do? Later I was able to talk to some church leaders. Did you know that their concerns for the church are the same as mine. Their thoughts about worship are just like Billy’s? It’s amazing. Really though it’s not. You see it really shouldn’t surprise me that we are all so much alike. I mean, we were all made in the image and likeness of God. We were all created by Him and for Him. We all also have a sin nature. Inside; the real us is all just alike. We all laugh at jokes. We all get sad. We all value friendship. We all want to be loved and accepted. We all have an emptiness when we are separated from God by our sin. Yes we have been born in and lived in different socio-economic / political environments, but that was not our choice it was God’s. Yes we have different colored skin, different shaped eyes, we eat different foods, we speak different languages BUT we are all people created by God. We are all people that Christ died for. We will all spend eternity in either heaven or hell. I want you to come with me sometime. Meet these wonderful, graceful people. I want us to love people all over the world. Only when I care about them am I willing to go to them with friendship and the gospel. Hey, get a passport. You never know when you may get the urge to go. It’ll change your heart. Love you all, from China. BK<

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