Blocking a Fire Exit

I was waiting on an international flight the other day. For some reason they had the flight boarding at a very small gate. It was so crowded that I stood across the hall waiting. I was standing in front of a door. Soon a security guard came over to me and said, “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to move. You are blocking a fire exit.” My initial thought was to say, “Like if there’s a fire I’m not going to move!” I mean my philosophy is if you have legs and you’re flammable, you’re never blocking a fire exit!

That’s just a little humor that I stole from my friend Lou Brown. We always have an excuse don’t we? I have 3 teenagers. They always have an excuse for why they don’t do what they should or why they did what they shouldn’t. You have teenagers? Don’t their excuses just drive you crazy?! It makes you want to scream. I wonder if God ever feels like He’s raising a bunch of teenagers? We’ve always got excuses for why we don’t do what we know He wants us to and for why we do what we know He doesn’t want us to. Think about it. We have excuses for not evangelizing, not going to church, not praying, not reading our Bible, and just basically for our lack of commitment. But, we have an excuse. It sounds reasonable to us. I’m sure my kids excuses sound reasonable to them to. But they’re not. Just like I sure ours are not reasonable to God either. Let’s grow up a little this week. Let’s just look at God and say Yes Sir and then do what He has asked of us. Stop blocking the fire exit. See you Sunday. BK<

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2 Responses to Blocking a Fire Exit

  1. kp says:

    amen brother!! i like how james 1:22 says it, its kind of the bible version of nike’s famous “just do it!” slogan. i mean are we really doing all that we can going the extra mile in our daily lives? either you are or you are not, its that easy! the time for half truths and watered down versions of Christianity is over! FULLY COMMITTED!! we gotta be LIGHT!! good word by the way sunday!

  2. Karon says:

    Is that how GOD feels? Does HE take pride when he can and hurt for our bad choices? A song says: DOES HE STILL FEEL THE NAILS, EVERYTIME I FAIL
    I hope HE has an opportunity to feel proud of me.
    PS. I REALLY don’t get the Field of Dreams thing. 😉

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