His Will; His Peace

I recently returned from an international trip where I was leading a session on discipleship for some national pastors. As I prepared to leave, I really felt a sense of just wanting to see God’s will done. I had many desires for what I hoped would be accomplished on the trip. However, I had a strong sense that God just wanted me to focus on a pray about His will being done.

There were so many obstacles or things that went wrong on this trip that I cannot even begin to explain them all in detail here. 1 hour before I was to leave to go to the airport I was walking through my living room and saw a huge water spot in my ceiling and down my wall. Yep, I had a water leak in my attic right when I had to leave for the airport. The plane ride was the worst I had ever been on. The turbulence was the worst I have ever encountered. I got sick and about one day into the teaching and I lost my voice. I was trying to just push through, but eventually I just had to stop. It just left me. I ran out of material almost on the first day of a 4 day session! Talk about a frightening experience. Each morning I had to get up early to prepare for that day without all of the tools that I am used to having.

In spite of all the things that went wrong I had this extreme Peace. Seriously, I didn’t ever really get worked up or upset about anything. I sometimes have a tendency to be a little uptight about being out of my comfort zone and then things not going as planned. Instead there was Peace. Calm.

As I reflect back I think that peace came from knowing that God’s will was being done. That is the one thing I had prayed for and asked everyone else to pray for. His will to be done. There was peace in that. Regardless of what was happening with me or if things that I wanted were being done, His will was being accomplished and that brings great peace.

I learned several things through all of this. One is that I had become too dependent on my tools for studying God’s Word. The main things I need are His Word and His Holy Spirit. I was able to spend more time developing relationships with these guys. This is not one of my strong suits but necessary for the things I hope to accomplish. I learned about faith and peace. I learned that I have many things I “hope” will happen in and for the kingdom, but the only thing that matters is His Will. I learned that following His Will produces His Peace. God Bless


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