Born To Hunt

Regal was born to hunt. Like so many other mornings I went out this morning with my cup of coffee and sat on the deck in my backyard. I usually just sit, talk to God and watch my dog, at least one of them. I like to watch my Beagle. His name is Regal. Yeah yeah, I know, “Regal the Beagle”. My wife named him. Remember the name of the Bar on “Three’s Company?” The Regal Beagle. Pretty obscure I know, but that’s his name. I like to watch Regal because even though he is a family pet it is so natural for him to hunt. I live in town, but my house sits on 3 lots which is about ¾ of an acre. I have at least half an acre behind fence so I can have a good yard for my dogs. I have a lot of pine trees and huge Pecan tree which makes for a lot of squirrels. My neighbor has a big mulch pit that he often throws rotten vegetables in out of his garden. That pit attracts many possums and other kinds of critters. All of that means that there are any number of animals that pass through my yard during the night when my dogs are locked in the shop. When Regal gets out in the morning he spends at least an hour tracking everything that has gone through the yard during the night. I love to watch. Nose to the ground, tail up and stiff. I looks like you would break it if you tried to push it down. Nose to the ground, tail up and howling. Do Beagles have like a little miniature mega-phone in their vocal chords? Loud! It’s really loud about 2:00 am. That’s why I lock them in the shop at night. Anyhow, it’s so cool to watch him because there’s no doubt that hunting is his instinct. He’s never been hunting. He’s never been trained to hunt, but watching him makes it so clear that hunting is what he was made to do. When he’s following his nose he cannot be distracted or deterred. Not with anything. He loves it. He was made to do it. This morning I was just thinking how I have been blessed to find what I was made to do and I am able to do it. You see, I was made to proclaim the Word of God. I remember the first time I realized it. I was in college. I had surrendered my life to Christ about year earlier. We were having a Sunday at our church where the entire service was going to be led by college students. They asked me to preach. When I stood and began to share the word that God had given me that week it was so clear. This was what I was made to do. It felt so natural. Once started I couldn’t have stopped even if I had wanted to. I was created to take God’s Word and proclaim it to God’s people. Just like Regal it is something that is inside of me. It is part of who I am. You know, I enjoy a lot of things and really could have been happy doing some other things. I used to work on Drilling Rigs in the oilfields around Luling Tx. I loved it. My life was sorry back then but that was about me not the oilfield. Sometimes I still miss the oilfield. I have friend (Joel) who works offshore now. Sometimes I would like to go out with him. Just to hear the pipe bang. Put on the gloves and hard hat. I don’t know there’s just something about it. I love to work with my hands and with tools. I think I could have been happy being a mechanic. Really. I have two old project cars right now. But being a homeowner and having 3 teenagers takes up all project car money and time. I love sports and know that I could have been happy being a coach. If young AD’s would hire older men as coaches then I would be a coach after I retire from ministry. One problem with all of those things. There would be one thing missing. They aren’t what I was created by God to do. Others are, but not me. While I could be happy doing them, I can also not do them and still be content. I could never be happy not preaching. I have to preach. Wherever I am, whatever my employment may be, I will always preach. It’s what I was made to do. I won’t be able to help it. I can’t tell you specifically what you were made to do, but I can give you a broad picture. You were made to seek God. Get a Bible and go read Acts 17:24-28. We were made to seek God. To search for Him. Ultimately so that we will glorify and worship Him. I won’t bog you down with a whole lot of scriptures unless you want and then I’ll be happy to. Seek, worship, glorify. That will be natural. Once you start you won’t be able to stop. Once you find Him. Whatever else you do and find happiness doing, there will always be something missing until you fill it with seeking God. I don’t know. Just some thoughts this morning. Regal was born to hunt. I was born to preach. We were all born to seek God.

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