Sometimes I Need an Anchor

Facebook has me thinking a lot about the past.  Seeing the names of and connecting with people from High School.  Not to mention all three of my kids are now in High School.  I see everything they are doing and I can’t help but think back.  One problem, I don’t have a lot of great memories from my High School days.  I really wasn’t too involved with High School activities or the other students.  I played football and was in FFA but that was about it.  Actually, after football season my senior year I didn’t even show up for class. I guess that would explain why I didn’t get to graduate with them.  When my thoughts go to High School days they travel down a path that leads directly to the time I spent in the penitentiary. That was a crazy time. You see, I was living in a world that was completely upside down in my estimation.  It was not normal.  It was completely and totally out of whack!  Not a day passed when I didn’t think about being home, being free. My heart was in a world where I didn’t have to live every minute wondering what may happen that could put me in danger.  I longed to be where I didn’t dread having to wake up and face another day. I wanted to be where I could go to the refrigerator, get an ice cream, grill a burger, go to a movie, or even actually be in a place where I wanted to meet people and make friends.  That’s not where I lived.  That was where my heart was. That is why I looked so forward to visiting day.  That’s right visitors. They were my reminder that the world I so longed for was out there waiting for me.  They Anchored me there.  They were my life line.  Because of them I had hope. Back then you could only have two visits a month for 2 hours each.  You did it through a screen and glass, but it was enough. Just when you thought you couldn’t take another day, here they came and you were renewed for another two weeks.  You know, prison was easy compared to real life.  Really. Life is hard. Too often the things in this life make no sense.  A young father takes his family swimming. He goes under the water and never comes back up.  A young man looks at his wife as she tells him she isn’t happy and no longer wants to live with him and the kids.  A family with a brand new baby and the plant lays off workers. A fatal car accident. A hurricane takes your home and all of your belongings. Your kids reject your values and go down a path of destruction. You know as well as I do that this life is full of heartache and tragedy.  But in my heart I know there is another world.  My heart longs for it.  It is a place where there is, “…no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There will be no more pain….” I long for that world and Christ is my anchor to it.  He is my hope that anchors my soul in another place while I live here. In the Bible Hebrew 6:18-19 basically says that.  If you read it, the passage can be a bit confusing.  But in just my simple understanding it says that because in Christ we have the promise of eternal life we have a great hope.  This hope then is the anchor for our soul.  It lets me know that one day there is a place where things will be right.  Where tragedy and pain will no longer be able to touch our lives. Just when life crashes in I am reminded that this world is only temporary and I am looking forward to the eternal one.  Living on the gulf coast I get to go fishing a lot. However I don’t own a boat so I am always at the mercy of others.  When you go with others you have to be the guy who drops and picks up the anchor.  If you are far enough from land that you can’t get fixed position it is sometimes difficult to tell if the anchor is holding.  There is one way to tell. You have to reach down and feel the rope that is attached to the anchor.  By feeling the rope you can tell if the anchor is holding or dragging. Sometimes I need to know that my spiritual anchor is holding too.  I have to feel the line.  For me that line is God’s Word.  The Bible.  You see, I don’t always feel like or act like the person I know God wants me to be. Too often my faith is weak. However His word tells me He will never leave me.  It tells me no one is able to snatch me out of His hand.  It says that nothing can separate me from His love and it says that even when I am faithless that He is still faithful.  If you’re in a tough stretch of life I hope this can just remind you of your anchor.  I hope it can remind you to feel the rope.  In Christ we are anchored.  We have hope.  There is a place where things are right.



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2 Responses to Sometimes I Need an Anchor

  1. Pam Comer says:

    Thanks Bro. Keith for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog because I know you are “anchored” in the right place.

  2. Steve Culp says:

    The only anchor that has ever held in my life has been Christ!



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