A Change In the Weather

I mowed my grass Saturday.  It was the perfect day.  I didn’t even start working in the yard until about 11:00 am.  Now for those very few of you who may read this and not be from southeast Texas you need to understand how unusual that might be.  You see, we live where summer temperatures run 94 degrees with 90% humidity.  That means its hot here!  Sweltering hot.  Miserable hot.  Usually I try to have the grass mowed by 10:00 am or I wait until the evening.  I knew Saturday was different.  I could tell by the dogs.  The dogs are normally underneath a wooden deck that I have built.  They are usually under there in a hole they have dug trying to get into some cool dirt.  They really don’t even poke their heads out on those hot humid days.  But Saturday was different.  They were out running and playing in the yard.  They were rolling in the freshly cut grass and even finding a small piece of rope that they played tug of war with.  A nice little cold front had blown in.  It wasn’t cold, just beautiful.  The sun was shining but the humidity was gone and there was a nice cool breeze.  A perfect day. The dogs really had a new energy.  There was a freshness in the air and a new zeal in their lives.  They wanted to romp and play and enjoy the day instead of trying to hide from the day and the heat.  I thought that was a great example of where I feel we as a church are spiritually and why we need the Rekindle The Fire  prayer emphasis.  I feel like spiritually we have been in one of those 94 degree 90% humidity summers.  There’s nothing bad happening here, but there’s really not much of anything happening among us spiritually.  My prayer is that God would blow a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit into our lives and  our church.  That we would be filled and have a new energy and passion for Him and for His kingdom.  I pray we would stop just finding a hole to endure the time and find a new joy in being out and involved in His kingdom’s work.  I certainly hope you will join us during the pm service of October 16 as we kick off our 40 days of prayer emphasis.  I certainly hope you will participate.  Begin to pray now that God would fill us and renew us.  That we would have a new passion for Him, His Word, His Church and His Mission!

Revive us again

Fill each heart with Thy love

May each soul be rekindled

With fire from above!

Hallelujah, Thine the Glory

Hallelujah Amen

Hallelujah, Thine the Glory

Revive us again!

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