Pray Specifically

The purpose of the following story is to encourage you pray specifically for individual people instead of praying generally for a group of people.


This past summer I took 7 college students to Xi’an China to lead in an ESL workshop there.  There was a lady from our church here at home who was praying for me and I assume the whole group.  However, I know for a fact that she prayed specifically and individually for me and not just me as part of the whole group.  This is how I know.  One day she emailed me and something along these lines.  These are not exact quotes, but pretty close to what she said as I remember it.  She said,

“When I prayed for you today it was weird.  I don’t know what to say or how to explain it, it was just that there was something weird going on in the Spirit.  Something was not exactly right.  I have no idea what it was or how to explain it.  It was just weird.”

Now, here’s how I know that she was really seeking God on my behalf.  Because there was definitely something weird going on in my spirit at that time.  I really can’t and won’t even try to explain it to you, but it was something way out of sorts inside of me.  There was an enemy attack on the inside that had to be dealt with.  I don’t even know how to tell you what it was exactly, it was just something weird.   In spite of her struggle in the prayer, God’s Holy Spirit had her praying exactly as she needed to for me on that day.  She couldn’t have done that if she was praying a general prayer for the entire group.


That is why in the Rekindle The Fire prayer emphasis I have us praying specifically for specific people.  We’re not just praying for all the Sunday School teachers, we are praying for each one individually. We’re not praying for the deacons as a group, but each one individually.  We’re not praying for all the nations where the church is persecuted, we’re calling out each one individually. You see, even though a group of people may be in the exact same situation, they are still individuals with individual/specific needs.  So pray for people specifically and not generally.  Let God’s Spirit reveal to you how they need to be prayed for.  Help them to be Rekindled.  You also be rekindled!

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