Drink Up!

As part of our Rekindle The Fire prayer emphasis our church is reading through the Gospel of John together. We are way past chapter 4 but I just cannot get something from that chapter out of my mind that I had never really noticed before.  I’m sure you know the story of the woman at the well.  Jesus has contrasted natural water from the well that is necessary for natural life with Himself.  He says that He is a like a spring of water that flows with everlasting life.  Based on the woman’s confession in verse 29 that she certainly thought this could be the Christ, I think she must have gotten a sip.  Maybe even a big drink of that spiritual water.  Anyhow, what really struck me was in verse 28.  John points out that when she left, she left without her water jar.  This jar was to me symbolic of her entire earthly existence.  It represented life in the natural world.  Physical water is completely necessary for life.  You cannot life without it.  You will do anything for a drink of water if you have to go very long without one.  Anything.  She had come for it.  It was essential.  But then, she got a drink from the fresh flowing stream of Jesus.  Suddenly the natural water was not longer important to her.  She could do without it.  She left her jar after having tasted the water from the spring.

When I drink from the fresh flowing spring where flows eternal life I find that the things of the natural world are less needful for me.  I don’t have to find ways to feed my pride after I drink from Jesus.  I don’t have to drive myself to be a success.  I don’t have to do whatever it takes to be accepted.  I don’t always have to find ways to build up me.  I no longer need it.

The problem is that often I am like the Israelites in Jeremiah 2:13.  I have neglected to drink from the fountain that flows with Living Water and I have chosen instead to drink from the wells of the world.  I must drink from Jesus everyday.  That is really one of the reasons for us to do the Rekindle The Fire prayer Emphasis.  To keep us drinking from the spring.  To keep us, the branches, connected to the vine.  Have you had a drink today?  It’s fresh. It’s always flowing. Drink up!

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3 Responses to Drink Up!

  1. This has caught my atttention, as well. As we are “drinking up” and being filled with Him, we begin to permeate Christ in us. So, when I’m not displaying Christ, I need to take a look at what I’ve been sipping on!

  2. koshface says:

    I had virtually the same reading! 😀

  3. Sue Honeycutt says:

    I wonder why I sometimes go back a pick that jar up and try to use it again only to find the same result. Maybe that’s why we must “rekindle” now.

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