I’ve Been Needin’ Me a Good Cat.

For several years I would tell my family that, “I needed me a good cat.”  About a year ago my daughter brought one home.  Mr. Kitty.  He’s now mine.  Any animal that comes to our house becomes mine because I am the one who takes care of it.  Mr. Kitty is no different.  I feed him, let him out, and even clean out his litter box.  Anything Mr. Kitty needs, I take care of.  As a result, Mr. Kitty has grown strongly attached to me. He follows me around like a dog would.  If I go in the living room, Mr. Kitty is there laying at my feet.  If I go outside, Mr. Kitty waits by the patio door until I come back.  If I go into one of the kid’s rooms, there’s Mr. Kitty right there.  A couple of times a day, usually when I’m relaxing in my man cave, Mr. Kitty will come and jump up on my belly and lay there.  He will tuck his head up under my chin and just purr away.  He doesn’t necessarily stay long, but just long enough.  I’ve been needin’ me a good cat. I think Mr. Kitty may be it.

The family sometimes laments as to why Mr. Kitty loves me so much but not them.  Not long ago I began to tell them it was because, “He thinks I’m God.” (should I have used a small “g” there?) He’s totally dependant upon me.  I care for him and love him.  Why wouldn’t I? I mean, I’ve been needin’ me a good cat.

It’s rather simplistic I know, but I wonder.  Can I get a glimpse of at least part of my relationship with God (the One, True God.  Big “G”) here?  Does He desire for me to be totally dependant upon Him?  To stop being so self sufficient?  Should I desire to just be wherever God is at all times?  Just laying in His presence?  Maybe a couple of times a day I could just climb up near Him for intimacy.  Does He desire that from me?  I think maybe so.  I wonder if God sometimes thinks He’s been needin’ a good Keith (my name).  Just for me to love him and allow Him to love me. I hope He never feels that way. I hope I fulfill that for Him.  Sometimes I forget that it’s relationship of love with God.  That part gets left out.

I know, this blog was a little strange.  My mind works like that sometimes.  I can be a little out there.  I know it is a simplistic analogy, but it was just a thought I had today.  I don’t know, I’m just a guy who’s been needin’ a good cat and that’s just the way I see it.

BTW come back tomorrow or in a couple of days because I want to tell you something else about Mr. Kitty.  Something you may not believe!

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1 Response to I’ve Been Needin’ Me a Good Cat.

  1. Cristal says:

    I too often get caught up in do’s and do not’s. I forget the simplicity of loving God and depending fully on Him.

    And I really don’t think I want to know the rest of Mr. Kitty’s story. Not if it has to do with what you’ve also shared before about cats. Can’t we just end here with a sweet lil’ kitty? 😉

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