A Tale of Two Kitties …

In my last blog I introduced to you to Mr. Kitty.  My precious and sweet cat.  He really is too sweet. However, there’s another; more sinister side to Mr. Kitty.  Really. I know you will find this hard to believe, but I promise you it’s true.  You see, Mr. Kitty is …, well, he’s a killer.  There, I said it. It’s true, Mr. Kitty is a stone cold killer.

I know it’s true.  I read a news article the other day where a University did a study of the average everyday house cat.  Cats just like Mr. Kitty and your Fluffy. Our sweet cats.  They put little cameras around their necks. What they found is that the average household cat kills 4 things everyday.  Four things everyday.  Dead. Killed by our precious pets.  They’re killers.

Their prey ranges from bugs to lizards, frogs, snakes and birds.  However, on average 4 things everyday die at their hands or paws.

They apparently kill for different reasons. Sometimes they eat what they kill, other times they bring it home.  At other times they just kill for the thrill of it. They kill it and then coldly walk away.  Not long after I read the article I was cooking breakfast and Mr Kitty had returned from his morning “hunt”.  I looked down and there was a frog laying right there on the kitchen floor.  There was Mr. Kitty sitting calmly, looking at it and me. Looking proud. Looking cold. Looking like a killer.

We shouldn’t be surprised you know.  After all they are ancestors of the lions and tigers that roam the jungles and the plains of Africa.  It’s in their nature.  You see deep down inside of Mr. Kitty is the heart of a lion.  He’s a predator and a killer by nature.  It’s in him. Inside. It’s who he is.

I should have known.  I saw it when he was a young kitten.  He used to crouch beside the couch or hide around the corner and whenever you would walk by or down the hall he would spring on you.  His front legs extended and his paws open wide. He would look just like one of the big cats pouncing on his prey on a National Geographic show about big cats.  I know it’s his nature. I know it’s inside of him.  Mr Kitty, a stone cold killer.

You ever wonder how that person in church can be so respected and at the same time be so hateful and mean?  Gosh, I don’t have to point to others.  I often wonder how I can stand before Christ’s Bride and deliver a word from the Bridegroom and then in the same day burst out in rage and anger. How can we bless God and rip someone to shreds with the same tongue? How can we raise a hand and shed a tear in worship only to turn our backs on someone with a broken and needy heart? Really, it should be no surprise.  It’s our nature.  Somewhere deep inside of us is a nature that opposes everything that God stands for.  It is against God and everything He wants for us and in us. It’s a nature that has not yet been completely destroyed. (although it will be).

Why do I bring this up? So we can have an excuse for our sin? No! I remind us so that maybe we can remind ourselves and possibly not allow that nature to rise up and take control.  If I remember then maybe I will be aware and vigilant as I watch for the enemy who seeks to destroy me.  Maybe if I am remembering then I will be on my guard and pray because in my spirit I want to do what is right but in my flesh I am powerless.  Maybe I will be more diligent to keep connected to the Spirit of Christ that lives in me so that I will not fulfill the desires of that other nature.  Maybe I will think before I speak.  Pray before I act.  Unlike Mr. Kitty, it’s not ok for me to allow that nature to rear its ugly head inside of me.  So remember.  Be on your guard and vigilant.  Watch and pray.

Next time you look at your cat, just remember ….. he’s a killer by nature ….. and so are you.

I’m just a guy who has to fight the old nature.  That’s just the way I see it.

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