Keith Royal


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  1. Betsy Faul says:

    I like your website. My daughters and I came to Winfree Baptist for a few years with my (step) dad till we moved to Vidor. Even after that we drove there every week for a year until we found a church in Vidor. June 3rd, 2002 my dad, Paul Michell passed away and you spoke at his funeral service. Paul was a very quiet person and due to health reasons had not been in church for about two years. I called the church 5 or 6 times after the funeral because what you said at the services really impressed me. Paul had huge hands and you referred to serveral scriptures dealing with hands. I called the church to see if I could get a copy of what you said at the funeral and never got a response back. If you keep this kind of thing it would mean alot to me to have a copy of it. My real dad died before I was 2 and Paul was the only dad I remember. I think of him as a gentle giant. Thanks again for such a memorable service.

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